Pro Athlete Testimonials

Rahni Samason

Shaun is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with in my 10 plus years of elite netball. I have never come across a coach with such knowledge, care and dedication. He is flexible with other elite organisations and is more than happy to work collaboratively. Shaun really listens and cares about his athletes, which in turn creates an environment that makes you want to work harder and be the best version of yourself. Could not recommend highly enough.

Trey Moses

Working with Shaun and the SRA team was life changing. They not only taught me how to get the best out of my body but also showed me accountability, determination and self awareness in all aspects of life. SRA isn’t just a gym for me, it is a family and I’ll forever be thankful for my time with them.

Mitchell Hibberd

SRA helped me translate my strengths onto the field. It’s one thing to be strong in the weight room and it’s another to be strong on the field. Cheers SRA for all the help during my sporting career.

Lachlan McDonald

Since beginning my journey with SRA, Shaun has been there every step of the way helping me achieve my goals of representing Australia. The greatest thing about SRA is the family atmosphere that Shaun creates for the people around him. I have the opportunity to get to know other SRA members in an environment that is welcoming and enjoyable. SRA is committed to help everyone reach their specific goals through strength, rehabilitation, injury prevention, recovery and massage. Thank you for all that you have done for the SRA family Shaun!

Paige Burrows

Training at SRA has played a massive role in my basketball journey. From becoming stronger and gaining a deeper understanding of how to take care of my body but also teaching me determination, accountability and life lessons. The training environment is something you always want to be a part of, I highly recommend SRA for any athlete who wants to get better.

Gemma Potter

I started training with SRA in December 2020 and have loved every single session. We highlighted my goals on the court, in the gym and away from basketball. Shaun and the team digested my game, helping me work on specific areas of strengths and weaknesses. Through multiple knee surgeries, Shaun has been there every step of the way pushing me to get the most out of my mind and body. The training environment is second to none with great energy, passion and commitment from all athletes and staff. It’s definitely the place I recommend athletes train if they want to get better.

Angus Glover

Working with Shaun and the whole SRA family this off season has been super beneficial for me both on and off the court. My body stayed healthy during the NBL1 season despite a gruelling schedule thanks to Shaun. I was able to work on all aspects of my game but in particular we were able to see a big jump in my ability to move laterally on the court. SRA has a great facility available for professional and semi professional athletes with a high performance culture that I have only ever seen in professional sport.

I’m looking forward to working closely with Shaun during my next off season as we continue to build and work towards my future goals as a professional athlete.

Kiera Rowe

Shaun and the team at SRA have been awesome in helping me map out and achieve my goals as a professional basketball athlete. The elite gym programming has helped me get stronger, quicker and more athletic. The ongoing care and attention to detail has helped me stay locked in during my off season and has allowed me to take my game to the next level.

Adrian Paoletti

I reached out to Shaun and the team at SRA to help with my preparation for an upcoming national tournament. Shaun demonstrated high levels of professionalism and knowledge, working collaboratively with my team to put a program together to win a national title.

After 8 weeks of training, I was able to put together one of my best fighting performances ever, winning three fights over four days to secure a gold medal and the chance to compete in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

I’m looking forward to working closely with Shaun and the SRA team as my preparation dials up for the upcoming Olympics.

Alexa Hart

Working with Shaun and the SRA family has helped me not only physically but also mentally. I feel like I have grown as a professional athlete in aspects of looking after my body and my ability to compete at my full potential. During my time in Australia I was able to maximise on the resources SRA provided me with and it has helped me feel better than I have ever felt during my professional career.

I’m looking forward to working closely with Shaun as I now head off to Spain to continue competing at the international level.

Rebecca Pizzey

SRA is a world class facility and Shaun is an amazing coach who cares about each and everyone of his athletes. He constantly checks in and is an expert when it comes to managing and rehabilitating any injury. SRA has helped identify and work on my strengths and weaknesses and has been flexible around my busy schedule. The training environment is perfect for kicking any sporting related goals and the recovery area is the perfect place to wind down. I would highly recommend Shaun and the SRA team for any athlete or sporting club looking to get better.

Alicia Froling

Working with Shaun and the team at SRA has been incredibly beneficial to my game and career. Shaun is one of the best in the business and truly understands the biomechanics and needs of a professional athlete. He tailored programs for me to improve my lateral movement, jump and overall strength. The environment at SRA is also special, as working with a group of likeminded athletes pushes you to be better! I can’t thank Shaun enough and can’t wait to continue working with him next off season!

Jonathan Lawton

Initially seeking rehab for an injury, I found myself propelled into a journey of development and growth throughout the basketball season. Shaun’s attention to detail was instrumental in my progress, ensuring that every aspect of my training was tailored to my needs and goals. Thanks to Shaun and the environment he’s cultivated at SRA, I not only regained my strength but also made lasting connections with fellow athletes, all while taking my game to the next level.

Kyle Dagget

SRA was a game changer as both a professional athlete and my strength and conditioning career. Shaun’s initial evaluation not only screened me for physical strengths and imbalances, but it got to the root of my “Why” as an athlete. I actually became more explosive in-season and it’s all thanks to the programming, coaching, and environment that SRA provides. Whenever an injury arose, Shaun was there to provide hands-on rehab in order to get me back on the court in no time.

Taylah Simmons

Working with Shaun was a big career shift in the right direction for me. His willingness and ability to work with his athletes is next to none.

It’s hard as an athlete playing for different clubs around the world, as it also means a different strength coach everywhere you go. It can start to feel chaotic without that stability. That’s where Shaun came in for me.

Regardless of where I was playing. He’s been making it work: From watching an NBL1 game of mine and providing notes on what we can improve from a S&C perspective that will translate to the court.

To supporting & guiding me with a knee injury in the WNBL, to now overseeing & making any necessary changes to my program here in Germany. So a huge testament to Shaun for making it work no matter what is thrown at him.

Last but not least, the SRA community feels like a family that I was immediately welcomed into. Thanks Shaun.

Isis Lopes

Joining SRA was a turning point in my basketball career. Shaun and the team provided me with a supportive environment that allowed me to feel comfortable and grow as a person and athlete. Coming back from college basketball I was given a tailored program towards my needs to rehabilitate an ongoing knee injury. Since fully returning I have felt stronger and more explosive than ever before and was able to earn a development role in the WNBL with Southside Flyers. Thank you Shaun for giving me the confidence to keep chasing my basketball goals and dreams.

Nikita Young

Shaun along with all the coaches/staff at SRA have been great with helping me set and achieve my goals on and off the court. They have been very helpful in holding me accountable no matter my schedule. They always prioritise my recovery which has been really important in my success as an athlete. I am very appreciative of their help and support over the past 2 years and look forward to continuing to work with them and keep pushing myself to the next level.

High Performance Program Testimonials

Adi Tomada

Shaun and the talented team at SRA have had a huge impact on my performance. Throughout my career I have struggled to find the balance between life and the off court demands of being a semi professional athlete. The program I receive is tailored towards my specific needs established through goal setting and strict planning. The care that SRA provide is truly what sets them apart as well as their knowledge base and attention to detail. SRA has set me up to be the athlete I need to be for a long and healthy career.

Josh Kunen

Working with Shaun played a massive role in my journey to become a College Basketball Athlete. His guidance laid the groundwork I needed to succeed on the court. Thanks to his expert advice and professionalism, I gained a deeper understanding of how to take care of my body. Shaun has continued to help me get the best out of myself every single day even though I continue to play overseas. I highly recommend Shaun and the SRA team for anyone seeking expert advice on becoming a College Athlete.

Courtney Willemse

Culture is everything. When you walk into SRA this is the first thing you will always notice which says a lot about the community. With a welcoming, supportive, and professional environment, SRA is a great place to smash those goals.

Lisa De Koning

As a professional Ballerina, I need my body to be both strong and flexible so I can dance without getting injured. Working with Shaun has made me stronger and helped condition my body for ballet. MY past injuries are gone, and I feel stronger than ever before. The SRA team are super friendly, and they create both a fun and supportive environment.

Abbey Sutherland

SRA has such a supportive and welcoming environment, which has allowed me to get the most out of my body. Shaun has worked closely with me to create my goals and identify both my strengths and weaknesses. I have loved attending every session at SRA and have found my program to help me grow stronger and more confident in the gym. The team at SRA are super knowledgeable and work hard to help me develop into the best athlete possible!

Daniel Poelsma

Shaun and the SRA team have helped tremendously in the development of my size, strength and overall athleticism. Throughout my time at SRA they have helped me achieve many personal goals allowing me to excel on and off the basketball court, whilst also teaching me self discipline, accountability and what it really means to have a hard work ethic.

Sharna Ayres

Shaun and the SRA team really focused on helping me as an athlete physically and mentally. They focused on the movements my body needed and the areas I needed to work on. They pushed me to exactly where I needed to be with self discipline to help achieve my goals for the upcoming season. I left SRA feeling stronger and in better shape than I ever have been! Couldn’t ask for anything else from them, they know it all!

Blake Swann

During my time with SRA, I have been able to progress in ways I could only ever dream of. The training has allowed me to not only improve physically but also taught me how to deal with mental challenges. The best part of SRA is the close community of athletes who are all striving to achieve their goals together.

Zoe Jenkins

My experience with SRA has been a really positive one that taught me the foundations of strength training. Shaun wrote up a program that not only got the most out of my body but also helped with recovery and performance. Every workout is super positive, non judgemental and a welcoming experience that motivates you to train hard. Overall SRA is an awesome facility with super nice and supportive people who get great results.

Roosevelt Williams

I came to Shaun with no understanding of what my body needed to develop and become stronger for basketball. SRA helped find my weaknesses and turned them into my strengths. I now know how to manage the ongoing stress fractures in my feet and have noticed life changing explosiveness and performance on the court.

Harry Bowater

When I started with SRA I didn’t realise how important it was to have a program individualised to my personal needs. By focusing on my strength and mobility SRA was able to lay the foundations for my athleticism and explosiveness. Shaun took my athleticism to a new level which has helped me play basketball semi professionally.

Tyler Bartley

I started at SRA to help improve my overall athletic skills and development. Shaun and the team have been fantastic in supporting me and providing guidance and direction to help me achieve my goals. They keep me on track to attend the gym every week and take care of my body, I love the fun atmosphere and the program they have created specifically towards my needs.

Brody Hull

Being part of the SRA community has been a major contributor to my physical and mental development as a basketball athlete.

The insightful workshops, programs, professional athletes and elite training environments have helped me become stronger both physically and mentally so I can perform at my best.

The culture in the SRA family that Shaun and the coaches drive is the best thing to be a part of!

Everyone is always pushing for the best in one another and striving for greatness. I look forward to continuing to work with SRA to achieve my goals of playing college basketball overseas in America.

Sports Rehabilitation Testimonials

Luke Rosendale

SRA has helped recover and strengthen my body from a stress fracture in my spine, I have also improved my overall strength and durability to handle the heavy workloads of NBL and NBL1. Thanks Shaun and the team at SRA for all your hard work.

Alannah Gillespie

Tearing my ACL, I automatically thought I’d be out for a whole season. Working with SRA I was able to play my sophomore year of college, 7 months post operation. The hard work, discipline, training programs and commitment from SRA helped me do the unthinkable, and for that I am forever grateful.

Aussie Smith

I started as a full time athlete with Shaun and the SRA team in October 2022 after tearing my hamstring. Since then I have learnt so much about the importance of recovery and rehabilitation and how important it is to perform at a high level. I couldn’t recommend any other place if you want to increase your performance on the field. Working closely to structure my weight program I feel the strongest, most explosive and fittest in my playing career. With this I have gone back to the level of footy I want to be playing and also won a league B&F.

I am super keen to keep working with the SRA team to keep performing at a high level. I couldn’t recommend them anymore!

Georgia Koopmans

After rupturing my ACL and meniscus as my first serious injury in basketball I was very unsure of where to go for the smoothest recovery. Choosing SRA was not only the best decision for my physical recovery, but also my mental recovery. The environment and culture is unmatched anywhere else, and allows you to be part of a professional and supportive sporting program with like minded athletes.

I recommend SRA to both athletes in rehab and those looking to take their training and sport to the next level.

Corey Burgess

After rupturing my Achilles playing football I never thought I’d be back out on the field again. After working with SRA they helped me get the confidence back into my body with the rehab program they provided, not only focusing on my achilles but also the rest of my body. I’m now back playing and feeling better than I ever was pre injury.

Emilya McDonald

I first began with SRA in 2016. I was training for my first fitness competition and needed to make a significant change to my posture. Shaun worked with me every single week using his extensive knowledge of rehab and injury prevention. On competition day I was so proud of what I had achieved but knew I could not have done it without Shaun’s help, support and guidance. I love being part of the SRA family and look forward to seeing the continued growth of our gym family.

Sophie Hennessey

My journey at SRA started after an ACL injury where I needed to build my strength and work on some mental challenges. The personalised programs, performance testing, recovery sessions and consistent feedback has helped me become a better athlete on the court. SRA has a very unique dynamic that separates itself from the average gym. This is credit to the culture Shaun has built and created.

Bella Stratford

I am so grateful for my experience with SRA. When I began the program, I was 8 weeks into my ACL rehabilitation journey and Shaun tailored a plan specific not only towards my sport, but also for my injury. Despite being located in Adelaide, I have been able to access elite level programs online and with the support of my physio from home alongside Shaun I have progressed through this injury and returned to sport more confident than ever before. I can’t thank Shaun and his team enough for their support and am excited to keep working with them into the future.

Annaliese Driscoll

Shaun and the crew at SRA helped me recover from a stress fracture in my shin which had me sit out for my entire first year of college. Not only did I recover but I improved my overall health and strength to come back for my second year and handle the workload given to me.

I Can’t thank Shaun and the team enough for all of their help both physically and mentally throughout my rehabilitation.

Looking forward to coming home and working with the crew during my off season.

Massage Testimonials

Denzel Brito

Since joining SRA and working with Ros, my body has never felt any better. I see Ros consistently to help prepare myself for the physical demands of professional basketball. Whenever I am not feeling 100%, Ros will always find a way to get me there.

I highly recommend her services for any athlete who values their preparation and recovery.

Video Testimonials