High Performance Program

About The Program

Our High Performance Program is an essential component to any athlete training schedule, designed to improve physical performance, prevent injury and promote overall health and well-being.

Gone of the days where talent is enough for athletes to win. With cutting edge sport science technology and training programs available right at our finger tips; athletes of all ages and sporting codes are seeing ground-breaking results.

Our priority is to empower our athletes with the knowledge, education and training environment then allow them to do the rest.

When an athlete signs up to our High Performance Program they are taken through a full Pre Screen & Onboarding Process.

Each training phase at SRA lasts between 3-5 weeks, this depends on time of year, training adaptations and goals set.

We check in with our athletes weekly guided by fatigue monitoring, jump data and readiness scores. This allows us to hold our athletes accountable and ensure they have everything they need to succeed.

Each phase is communicated with our athletes, educating them on what we are training for and allowing them to have a say in what they feel they need to work on next, this is further backed by our performance testing data which is collected quarterly.

A common question we are asked is do you only work with elite athletes?

Our answer; we work with athletes who are committed, disciplined and ready to take ownership of getting better.

Program Benefits

  • Quarterly performance testing
  • Quarterly goal setting & weekly reviews
  • Unlimited gym access
  • Individualised training program
  • Unlimited recovery facilities
  • Free access to SRA Workshops & Educational Events
  • Free access to SRA Resource library
  • Discounted Physiotherapy, Mental Skills & Dietician
  • Personal S&C Coach/Mentor

Membership Price

$110 Per Week (Minimum 12 month contract)
3 and 6 month memberships available (T&C’s apply)