Professional Athlete Program

About The Program

Our Professional Athlete Program is for Semi Professional/Professional Athletes only.

These sessions are semi private or private depending on who the athlete is and what they need.

Our only priority is squeezing that extra 1% of performance out of our athletes. We do this via strict programming, planning and analysis of the athlete’s game.

When a professional athlete signs up to our program they can be assured they will be given our full undivided attention and commitment, leaving nothing to chance.

Weekly goal setting and performance reviews mean our athletes know exactly how they are progressing, where they are heading and what needs to be done to get there.

We work closely with the athlete’s team of health care professionals, ensuring everyone is on the same page, limiting risk of injury and increasing performance outcomes.

This program is for the athlete who is looking for a competitive edge and is ready to take control of their mind and body.

We do not recommend this program for athletes looking to go through the motions or who are content with where they are at in their careers.

Program Benefits

  • Regular performance testing
  • Weekly goal setting & performance reviews
  • Unlimited gym access
  • Personalised training program
  • Unlimited recovery facilities
  • Free access to SRA Workshops & Educational Events
  • Free access to SRA Resource library
  • Free access to SRA Speed & Agility Program
  • Discounted Physiotherapy, Mental Skills & Dietician
  • Personal S&C Coach/Mentor
  • 24/7 Support & Guidance

Membership Price

Membership price subject to availability and athlete needs